Cyber Security

Is your current cyber security good enough? Are you worried about the cloud? What about DevSecOps? These may be some of the questions that you are asking yourself, if they are and you do not know the answers then you should be talking to Nubo Consulting.

Nubo are specialists in all aspects of cyber security including tools, people skills and processes.

Working with organisations of all sizes Nubo work collaboratively to understand the security surface, solutions and training requirements of clients. Advising on security models, clearly explaining the features and benefits of different solutions and recommending the solution that addresses your requirements from a business perspective.

As Nubo is independent and does not provide technology solutions themselves you are ensured of an independent solution that is tailored to the business sector that the organisation operates within. Working closely with the company an understanding of compliancy and regulatory requirements that need to be fulfilled are built into any solutions.

Performed through a series of information gathering exercises (workshop type approach) and the security audit framework of your choice including ISO27001, AWS best practice and NIST, Nubo consultants will gather information regarding the current security situation. Then discussing with the business and technology leaders the future strategy and growth prospects, Nubo consultants will document a security model designed specifically to defend the business goals and objectives.

Each security model is designed to the specific requirements of the company and is delivered as a fully documented solution with technical diagrams, detailing the benefits and capabilities of each item of technology.

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