Case Study 5

Client Industry:  IT Managed Services Provider (MSP).

Assignment:  Technical Authority responsible for the transition of services for two financial organisations to the MSP’s private cloud service.

Term:  200+ days consultancy assignment.

Summary of services:  The initial requirement was for solution architecture and programme management experience, coordinating technical resources and liaising with the end clients for the delivery of IT services. This resulted in an initial high level design being produced derived from stated client requirements. Accompanying this was a Project Initiation Document (PID) and an initial high level draft project plan. The Nubo consultant assigned also established the project controls including setting up the weekly RAID (Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies) log.

The responsibilities for the assigned Nubo consultant grew for this project as the implementation evolved. Nubo were additionally asked to provide skills for the development of contractual documents covering the description of the managed services being provided in the format of a service catalogue that could be subsequently used for future service wins.

The consultant also carried out implementation work (networking and racking of devices) at the financial organisations premises and was heavily involved in the pre-build of the end points prior to the deployment to end users. Several of the services were ‘new’ and required further establishment and take-on by the internal operational teams of the MSP, so internal workshops were facilitated by Nubo to perform knowledge transfer of the solution and technology being deployed.

Project management resources and technical consultancy was provided by the MSP whilst the Nubo consultant maintained overall technical authority of the project.

The main objective was the transition of IT services for the two financial organisations from an incumbent provider to the MSP. The services being provided included the following:

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