Case Study 4

Client Industry:  IT Managed Services Provider (MSP).

Assignment:  Technical Authority and Project Manager responsible for the design, development and implementation of a data analytics infrastructure for a leading telecommunication provider.

Term:  150+ days consultancy assignment.

Summary of services:  An IBM Business Partner and Managed Servicers Provider required an experienced solution architect and technical project authority to lead a large project implementing a Hadoop based data analytic solution for a large telecommunications company. Due to illness this could not be provided using internal staff and Nubo provided the required consultant on a contractual basis.

The solution required the development of an approved design, along with all associated design documentation, for the IBM infrastructure. The project involved working alongside IBM who were responsible for the design and implementation of the Hadoop software. Restrictive security requirements from the telecommunications company meant that the network design resulted in multiple de-militarised zones (DMZs) and a complex VLAN architecture. Security was critical to the project, ensuring remote access to the system was only available to authorised users.

Nubo were responsible for the following elements:

As a result of the success of this project the MSP has further managed to secure support contracts for the maintenance of the hardware and firmware of the IBM infrastructure.

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