Case Study 10

Client Industry:  IT industry institute working to make IT good for society and empowering the IT professional.

Assignment:  Working with large corporates and mid-tier organisation to use industry standard tools to identify IT skill gaps, create job descriptions and establish training programs for key IT staff.

Term:  20+ days consultancy assignment.

Summary of services:  The industry standard Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) is utilised by organisations around the world as a management framework to classify job roles, identify skill gaps and access relevant training and qualifications to ensure employees have the skills needed to compete in the modern information age.

Nubo utilised their over 70+ years of ICT experience and SFIA expertise to help numerous CIOs, CTOs and HR departments to professionally develop their IT functions via the most widely adopted IT skills, training and development model. The assignments utilise a modern SFIA enterprise Cloud IT solution to help address the Leadership and Development (L&D) requirements of their clients.

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