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'Nubo' is the Esperanto term for 'cloud'



Do you require an experienced solution, technical or security architect experienced in systems design and architecture ... Read More


Do you need a service catalogue, have you embraced ITIL, are your operational processes accurate and how do you audit your quality ... Read More

Cyber Security

Are you worried you have the right security tools, people and processes in place to protect your organisation and know the threats ... Read More

Product Management

Do you need help defining your product line strategy, business objectives, technology roadmap and system features ... Read More

Case Studies

To understand the types of work that Nubo Consulting undertakes please see our Case Studies.

All of our work is subject to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) but we have provided detailed case studies on activities performed removing confidential client data. However, several of the clients we have worked for will undertake a reference call if required to verify the accuracy and technical ability of Nubo during the delivery of these projects.


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About Us

Who We Are

We are an independent IT consulting firm specialising in assisting companies big and small with their architecture, cyber security, ITSM and product management requirements.

What We Do

Working with clients as strategy consultants or interim managers we assist them in utilising IT to provide change management, reduce costs and develop new business solutions.

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